About Earth Wise Nutrition Centers - LA, CA (Pico)

Sue and Lee Kak, Owner

Sue & Lee Kak have been in the supplement and wellness industry for over 20 years. They have owned and operated the Studio City location since 1988 and the Los Angeles/Pico location since 1996. Sue majored in Biology when she was in college and Lee’s experience dates back to serving in the Army as a Pharmaceutical officer. Lee graduated in 1969 from the College of Pharmacy in Korea. After being discharged from the Army, he moved to the US. Then, in 1973, he moved with his wife to the US to pursue the American dream – to own their own supplement store.

Earth Wise Pico - Sue and Lee KakSue and Lee are passionate about their customers. All it takes is one step inside their store and you will instantly feel like family. All staff members are extremely well educated in the field of nutrition and supplementation. Whether you have a health concern or are looking for a comprehensive supplementation program for general well being, Sue and Lee are equipped to address your needs.

Sue and Lee are very proud to be a part of the Earth Wise Nutrition Centers family and they highly recommend the Viva and Earth Wise line of supplements to their clients.

In addition to being passionate about their daughters (both successful Harvard graduates) and their Studio City and LA vitamin stores – they are also passionate about dancing! They have danced for over 20 years and have competed for 10 years. They have won over 20 awards as the Champion of Masters Senior Division (over 50) in the Amateur Dance Category. They continue to fine tune their dance skills by taking lessons 5 days a week.